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Our range has thirteen (13) shooting lanes, divided into three (3) bays. Each lane is twenty-five (25) yards in length and has a spacious bench area with a shelf and clothing hook. Our tactical bay, which consists of two (2) lanes, is available for a more private experience. In the tactical bays, options such as pop-up targets, cross-lane shooting, and other enhancements are available.

The maximum number of shooters per shooting lane is three. Larger groups may request an additional shooting lane or have additional shooters wait outside of the range and rotate. Ballistic glass allows for viewing of shooters from the pro shop area.

When developing our range, we considered the most important elements and designed from that perspective:


Our priority and the most important aspect. First, we considered air quality. To ensure the best air quality, we installed the premier “Recirculation Style” system in the industry, providing a constant percentage of outside air and recirculating the rest of the supply volume, completely replacing the air in the entire range every 90 seconds. The system uses ventilation control with full HVAC, offering complete climate control and maintaining a consistent temperature between 70-72 degrees and managed humidity level year-round.

Our lane dividers consist of 3/8” steel covered in ballistic rubber, ensuring no rounds can penetrate the divider or ricochet. We then installed ballistic rubber on every wall in the range to stop potential ricochets throughout the range. Each of the windows in the range is ballistic rated as well. And all doors are ballistic rated and covered in ballistic rubber. There is an added benefit to having an indoor range with ballistic rubber – noise reduction. While ear protection is still required at all times, reflective noise is minimized, and the overall experience is enhanced.

Certified GPS Range Safety Officers will be in the range to assist with any questions or concerns.

Maximum Shooters per Lane

Each of our eleven standard lanes and two tactical lanes are twenty-five (25) yards in length and can accommodate handguns, rifles, and shotguns in most standard calibers. Each lane can comfortably allow three shooters to share the lane with ample room to store equipment on the shelving built beneath our benches and space behind the line to allow for safe shooting conditions.

Range Time Management

To minimize wait times, our lanes are “reserved” in one-hour blocks. We are not always stringent with the one-hour limit, but we do enforce the rule when other shooters are waiting.


The Range Rental Cost for Non-Members is $30 / person / hour 


The GPS firearm range, pro shop, and classrooms are located on the ground floor of the facility and is wheelchair accessible.

Ammunition Requirements

Members and guests may bring their own ammo provided it is not incendiary, armor piercing, or outside of the ammunition safety standards allowed in the range. We ask that all ammo casings be brass, and that shotgun shells be either buckshot or rifle slug. Birdshot or any high-performance rounds such as “Dragon’s Breath” are prohibited. Those who are using our range are required to ensure the quality of any rounds they bring into the range and ensure that their rounds are the appropriate size and caliber for their firearm.


Range Rules

The GPS shooting range is accessible for those aged twelve (12) and older. All visitors between the ages of twelve (12) and eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at least twenty-one (21) years of age. Proper ID is required to enter facility; all identification must be current, government/state issued, valid, and displaying an up-to-date photo and address.

Our Range Safety Officers (RSOs) require strict compliance at all times. Any disagreement with the RSO’s demeanor, communication, or other interactions may be brought to the attention of a GPS manager outside of the range area. All issues will be addressed accordingly in a safe environment. Any range time lost to such incident may be credited back to the member/customer at the discretion of GPS once the incident is resolved.

Proper eye and ear protection must be worn inside the shooting range at all times. GPS offers eye and ear protection for sale in a variety of options and price points, but we do not rent these items for sanitary reasons.

Members & guests must sign a waiver which will be stored on file before entering the gun range. No one may shoot without first completing a range waiver and acknowledging the understanding of range rules and range etiquette.

Absolutely no alcohol, drugs (including cannabis), or certain prescription drugs may be used during or before entrance to the facility. If there is any appearance of intoxication or altered mental status, regardless of reason, admittance will be denied.

Careless or reckless use of firearms or threat thereof, disruptive or harassing behavior that causes discomfort to other customers of the range will result in removal from the facility. Demonstrating poor firearm safety practices or disregard for range rules will result in removal from the facility.

Shooters must be sure of their targets and what is behind their targets before discharging their firearms. Shooting across lanes in the range at other targets is prohibited. 

Intentionally or unintentionally damaging any property in the facility, whether owned by GPS or another, may result in removal from the facility. The costs resulting from said damages will be borne by those responsible.

All visitors to the range, including members and their guests, are expected to maintain a safe and functional dress code, including reasonable footwear. Shirts and/or other proper tops as well as proper shoes are required to enter the range. Open-toed shoes are not permitted in the range. Low cut tops are strongly discouraged. Clothing that is loose-fitting may present a safety concern and will result in refusal of entry to the range. Clothing that displays overtly vulgar, hateful, or offensive language or imagery is prohibited.

No food or drinks are allowed in the shooting range. A de-lead station is located in the lobby for all our customers, including members, guests, and employees.

Those not shooting are not permitted in the range but may view from outside the range via our ballistic windows.

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